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 Professional Glamour Photography

We are professional photographers who specialise in glamour industry . A good head or body shot can land you a spot with advertising agencies. If you are beginner model,  we can take your beautiful images to start your portfolio only when is casting call. 

A professional glamour photographer is needed to create modelling and acting portfolios. We can capture your true personality and showcase your assets. We ensure that only the best photos will be used for your portfolio. 

Photo sessions start with a planning stage where we will ask you what need. During this stage, we ensure that you have all the information about the photography session. We consider ourselves experts in the field and will recommend the type of glamour photos to be used for your portfolio. In the end, you will be the one to choose what images are included in your portfolio. 

We are glamour photographers based in London but we also travel to  Barcelona and Milan . We can also go to any place in Europe. If you want to schedule a photo session with us, be sure to provide a notice at least week in advance. Solid backdrops are ideal for glamour photos in order to put the focus on you.

When it comes to make up and hair, you can opt to arrive for the glamour photo session ready for the camera or let our team of make up and hair stylists to perform their magic on you. Our team can create a look that would be perfect for your portfolio. Unexpected blemishes can be covered up with make up, or we can retouch the image later to remove it. If you are having a bad hair day, our hair stylist can tame and make it look perfect for the shoot.  

Once you are comfortable, the glamour photos session will begin. We will work with you and teach you poses that will display your best features. Our years of experience have allowed us to maximise each photo session, which is enough to fill up your portfolio. 

We provide affordable glamour photography in London . We can shoot up to three models a day. If you have a friend or two, then you can take your glamour photos in a session together, and we will give you discounts for the introductions. 

Glamour photography is a good investment if you are thinking of becoming a model or actress. A portfolio is required if you want to apply for jobs in the glamour or entertainment industry. We deliver your beautiful images on time that is usually no longer than 48 hours. Check out our gallery and find out if we are glamour photographers in  London you are looking for.


Venue location ? What's that ? 

Its a backstage for your photo session a background in a luxury Victorian   house or a hotel, beach or our  studio,. We can discuss with you about different locations for your photos, and arrange the best  options for you. Please send all  booking inquiries with your dates, and we can look after your inquiry's   . . We also have permanent luxury location in city centre London .

Photoshop ? Why I need that for ?

Our team specializes in magazine post production Technics for fashion and glamour. We want to make sure you portfolio is finally finished with Hi- res editing so you can send your images to professional Modeling Agency . 

Make up and hair style ?

Professional make up is required and hair also , deepens of you  budget , if you can do your own hair and make up that's  ok , But our Make up artist are amazing""""  and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. About you hair style............It is always better when someone styles your hair for your photos . We are only working with professional people and they  never let us down .Top Hairdressers and make up artists can be provided ...  .  If u have more enquiries please feel free to contact our team  by email.Thank u



Please contact our team          07404061374